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Thanks for visiting our site. Before you get too involved I’d like to share my philosophy on firearms in general. This philosophy applies to air guns as well. Guns themselves are neutral. They are efficient at putting food on the table, defending your person and/or property, as well as taking lives and terror. It is the person behind the firearm that determines how it is used.

Our society has a bad habit of not placing the blame where it belongs, on the person that pulled the trigger. It is ridiculous to think that outlawing guns will somehow prevent crime. The definition of a criminal is someone that disregards the law in the first place. Outlawing guns simply makes it impossible for law abiding folk to defend themselves. It also makes us totally dependant on law enforcement and the government.. that is a dangerous combination.

I know most recently we’ve had many terrible things happen because of the misuse of firearms. When these tragedies happen it is easy to think that if we outlaw guns they won’t happen. Unfortunately this is just not the case. Criminals and terrorists will always find a way to continue their criminal and terrorist activities. Rather educate and equip law abiding citizens to help in the fight against crime. I’m not talking about vigilantism, I’m talking about working with law enforcement and local municipalities to keep a watchful eye on what happens in our neighborhoods. I know this is an unpopular view because it means that WE have to spend some of our valuable time to defend ourselves and our neighbors. But think about it.. what thief would try and rob a home in a neighborhood where most of the homes had trained and equipped people that knew how to defend themselves and their property. The fact that in this country there are some places that you actually have to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE IF A THIEF COMES IN is completely unbelievable!

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