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Featuring Airgun Expert and Critic Rick Eutsler.  Your BEST source for honest, real world, airgun / air rifle / pellet gun / reviews where we focus on FACTS not “fluff.”

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AirgunWebTV is a TV Style 20 to 30 minute airgun show that will play on YouTube, Vimeo, and all my social media sites.  We will also continue to build out our corresponding web presence ( with content and links pointing back to our sponsors.  The show will include discussions, hunting trips, reviews, a lot of shooting things and some new stuff for sure.  We are actively looking for sponsors.  Please Click Here to learn more about the show and to show your support.

Our Recent Reviews:

We hope that you find our site informative and helpful. Our hope is to bring you “real world” Airgun / Pellet Gun / Air Rifle reviews and information on all types of air guns.   Here are some of our most recent airgun reviews and posts:


Walther Rotek Airgun Review

Walther Rotek Airgun Review – The Walther Rotek is a great airgun with high end features and a budget price. Fully regulated, the Walther Rotek delivers 20 foot pounds and up to 48 to 56 usable shots. It’s perfectly suited for small game hunting it tight quarters.

Texan Part 2

AirForce Texan Review Part 2 – 50 Yard Accuracy by AirgunWeb

In this video I’m taking the Texan to Texas and seeing what king of repeatable accuracy I can get at 50 yards. After some trial and error, I found the sweat spot for my rifle.


AirForce Texan Review – Part 1 by AirgunWeb

Rick reviews the new AirForce Texan Big Bore PCP and gives us a baseline for performance and accuracy with the top 4 Air Venturi ammo choices. The AirForce Texan hit the scene in 2015 like a class 5 storm. Currently, It produces more power than any other commercially produced airgun you can buy off the shelf. Sticking with AirForce’s proven design, the Texan is elegantly simple and extremely easy to operate.

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Please visit our Special Features section for great content like SHOT Show Coverage and our Rough Cut Videos. Take AIM stands for “Airgun Information & Maintenance.”  This series focuses on answering some of the most asked airgun questions. We have great sponsors.  Please click the “Our Sponsors” page to view all the great companies that support AirgunWeb.

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As a way to help our viewers make good airgun purchasing decisions, and to also help out our sponsors, we’ve created a “Recommended Airguns and Airgun Accessories” section of the site.  Here’s how it works.  All of the products listed on the pages link to inventory on   If you choose to buy something form those links, we get a little piece of the sale.  The best part is that you still get the same great price as if you went directly to  This is a great way to help support our sponsors and AirgunWeb at the same time.   If there are products that you wish were listed and can’t find them, please use the Contact US.  If they can be added to the list, we’ll try and get them posted right away.  Here are the pages we have up right now, with more to come:

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