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We hope that you find our site informative and helpful. Our hope is to bring you “real world” Airgun / Pellet Gun / Air Rifle reviews and information on all types of air guns.   Here are some of our most recent airgun reviews and posts:

Hatsan Mod 135 QE .30 Carnivore

Hatsan 135 Carnivore Big Bore Breakbarrel – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

Hatsan 135 QE .30 Carnivore – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb. Most powerful breakbarrel in the world! Come learn why I completely LOVE this new airgun from Hatsan. Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint

Benjamin Trail NP2 - Airgun Review

Benjamin Trail NP2 Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

Today’s review product has been one of the most requested rifles starting from the day it became available. Initially there were a few stumbles with the product line. Now, with well over a year under it’s belt, how does the NP2 fair here on AirgunWeb? I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out. Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint

SIG MCX & MPX Review

SIG MCX & MPX Airgun Review

We finally review the new SIG MCX and MPX. Are they worth the wait? Come find out here with AirgunWeb! Share this:EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint

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