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We hope that you find our site informative and helpful. Our hope is to bring you “real world” Airgun / Pellet Gun / Air Rifle reviews and information on all types of air guns.   Here are some of our most recent airgun reviews and posts:

IZH 61 Shot Group 10 yards

What is the Measure of an Airgun?

The 4 things I look for in an airgun. So I recently sent an email to a manufacturer basically praising them on their creation and execution of what I consider to be a pretty nice airgun. What I got back was a very interesting email that got me thinking about what’s really important. I looked strictly at how the gun performed and shot, both close in and at range. In their response, they seemed to really fixate on the importance of how accessories could be attached to the rifle, something I addressed, but maybe not as completely as they would have ...

Hawke Airmax 30 4-16x50 side focus scope.

Air Arms Pro Sport .22 Caliber – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb / Rick Eutsler

In this review we are going to take a look at a product that as much a work of art as it an amazing airgun. It’s the Air Arms Pro Sport in .22 caliber. Does it perform as well as it looks? Let’s find out.

Umarex Fuel .22 Caliber

Umarex Fuel .22 Caliber Product Review

Umarex Fuel .22 Caliber Product Review – Airgun Review By: Airgun Expert & Critic Rick Eutsler: Umarex USA continues to push the boundaries of what’s “acceptable” and “expected” in the world of affordable Airguns. Their Fuel series for example has taken a breakbarrel airgun and added a built in bi-pod. This should not technically work.. but it does on the Fuel.

AirgunWeb Attends the 2015 Gamo Squirrel Master Classic

It was my privilege to attend the 2015 Gamo Squirrel Master Classic held at the Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge and attended by folks like Jackie Bushman, Shawn Michaels, the whole Bone Collector crew, Hardcore Hunting TV, Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, and even a special appearance from Chase Landry (swamp people)

Havasu Airgunners Tries CO2 Field Target

On Saturday November 1st Havasu Airgunners held their inaugural CO2 field target shoot. This has been in the works for a long time and while the wind and a few timing issues got things off to a slow start, the day was a huge success. Field target is an airgunning discipline that simulates typical hunting shots by placing metal targets at various angles and ranges (out to 55 yards). When the target’s “kill zone” is struck by a pellet, the target falls over and it’s registered as a hit. There are several classes, each with very specific rules and regulations (visit ...

October 2014 Fun Shoot with Havasu Airgunners! was a very happy supporter and participant at the recent Havasu Airgunners Fun Shoot.  Havasu Airgunners holds monthly “Fun Shoots” the first Saturday of every month down at the Lake Havasu Sportsman Club, Pistol Bay 3.  This most recent event was sponsored by Umarex USA and features a slew of great rifles and hand guns. There were airgunners of all ages at this month’s shoot and all the great Umarex Products got a good workout.  Some of the most notable products were the Beretta 92FS, the Ruger Yukon, the brand new NXG APX Multi-Pump Pneumatic youth oriented airgun, and the ...

Havasu Airgunners Fun Shoot September 2014

Thank you to HatsanUSA for their support of Havasu Airgunners and their most recent Fun Shoot. We shot the: AT44 Tactical, AT44 Quiet Energy, Galatian Quiet Energy, the new CO2 Tac Boss 250XT and much, much more!

The MAC35. Is it the Next “big” thing in airguns?

The MAC 35 airgun by Inovairtech LLC. utilizes individual MACs or Magnum Air Cartridges rather than a large on-board air cylinder. The result is basically limitless shooting that’s only limited by how many MACs you want to take out with you into the field. The first MAC is designed for .357/9mm caliber and can produce up to 120 foot pounds. The MAC35 is the first airgun capable of chambering and firing this very unique airgun cartridge.

Inovairtech, LLC.’s First public preview of their NEW MAC35 .357 Big Bore Airgun

It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of something as innovative as the new MAC35 by Inovairtech, LLC.  It represents 20 years of effort from President and inventor David Priestley who’s been hunting with airguns for some 40 years.   The heart of the MAC35 rifle is the MAC (Magnum Air Cartridge).  This patented technology carries it’s own charge of air that’s completely exhausted on every shot.  Not to worry though, because the MAC is refillable.  You can carry as many rounds with you as you like and just refill them when you get back to your base of operations.  Since ...

Big Bore Airgun Shoot! – Thank You

Hunting season is just around the corner, provided us with some amazing Big Airguns: .50 cal Sam Yang Dragon Claw, .357 cal Sam Yang Recluse, Evanix Max ML .357 Bullpup, Evanix Tactical Sniper .45 Cal, & Sam Yang Sumatra 2500 .22 cal.

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